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    Hedgehog, 2011.2

    Guitar/Vocal:ZO   (bottom)
    Bass:Fun   (right top)
    Drum/Vocal:Atom   (left top)

    吉他/唱: 子健 (下)
    贝司: 何一帆 (右上)
    鼓/唱: 阿童木 (左上)

    前成员:博宣 2006-2009 间刺猬贝司手,共同完成了包括《白日梦蓝》在内的前三张唱片的编曲与录制。

    All Members used to play with :
    Liu Ke, 2002-2005 play Bass for 'RunAway'(pre-Hedgehog)
    Box 2006-2009 play Bass

    2012.3-4 Sun Fun Gun中国巡演11城,w/ The Mistery Lights

    We play indie rock music, blue noise pop boys and girl trio, we based in Beijing.

    One of the most iconic and influential indie rock trio in the Beijing Explosion indie rock scene in 2007.

    "Hugely popular with both musical hipsters, for the brilliance of their compositions and performances, and with rock and roll party animals, for their wild, out of control pop frenzy, Hedgehog’s music is totally approachable and totally unique. it is their song-writing skills that make this band more than just a great performance band and one of the most important in China"

    -- taken from D22

    "Carsick Cars may have been the first band to hit it big here in Beijing, but it has been Hedgehog who seems to have obtained indie rock star status with quite a dedicated following. Their sets are tight, melodic, noisy, catchy, and well, it’s one of those bands where everything just gels together perfectly.
    2014.4.25 第6张录音室唱片《幻象波普星》发行
    With a rock ‘em sock ‘em drummer whose small statue only enhances her rockability, and two great guitarists, Hedgehog has rightfully earned the buzz that surrounds them. A true class act, seeing the band move forward with their music and evolve is truly illuminating. Currently at the tail end of their U.S tour, expect to see Hedgehog impress in the near future."

    --- http://www.livebeijingmusic.com/band-profile-hedgehog/

    get more info on wikipedia

    we influenced by :
    Nirvana/Joy Division/New Order/Jesus And Mary Chain/Spacemen 3/Spectrum/Suicide/Silver Apples/Neu!/Can

    2005.10 founded in Beijing
    2006.1 self-release [Happy Idle Kid]
    2006.5 MIDI Festival , Beijing
    2007.9 "Beijing Explosion" shows in Hong Kong , w New Pants/P.K.14 , HK
    2007.10 debut album [Noise Hit World] release in Modern Sky
    2007.10 Modern Sky Festival , Beijing
    2008.3-4 Noise Hit World China tour(12 citys)
    2008.10 Modern Sky Festival , Beijing
    2009.3 [Blue Daydreaming] release
    2009.3-4 Blue Daydreaming China Tour(14 citys)
    2009.5 Strawberry Festival , Beijing
    2009.9-10 "Sing For China" US Tour (22 shows in 16 citys , coast to coast) , US
    2009.10 Modern Sky Festival , Beijing
    2010.6 Mr. Fun join , new bassist
    2010.8 Baybeats Festival , Singapore
    2010.8 Great Wall Festival , Beijing
    2010.8.20 open for Shonen Knife, Mao Livehouse, Beijing
    2010.10 Modern Sky Festival,Beijing
    2010.10 invited by Demon Dash(blue roc record) ,  CMJ Festival , New York , US
    2011.3 [Honeyed And Killed] & [2011 DEstroy meMOries] release
    2011.3-4 Honeyed And Killed & 2011 DEstroy meMOries China Tour(16 citys)
    2014.4.4-2014.6.29 幻象波普星中国巡演18城
    2011.5 Strawberry Festival , Beijing
    2011.9-10 east coast US Tour with XiuXiu & Kindest Lines,15 shows in 14citys.record 「Sun Fun Gun 阳光、欢乐、枪。」 in Rubber Track Studio & Warm Record Studio in New York City by John Grew, this record Mixed and Mastered by Liu Feng Shuo in Beijing.
    2012.4.5  'Sun Fun Gun' is out . “ what is probably their best album to date, turning back to their original raw sounds and heavy guitar” --- Time Out Beijing
    2012.3-4 Sun Fun Gun China Tour (11 citys), w/ The Mistery Lights
    2012.4.30/5.1 Strawberry Festival (ShangHai/Beijing)
    2012.9.27-10.12 Australia Tour (11 citys) w/ REGURGITATOR/SENYAWA
    2012.11.09-12.22 Sun Fun Gun WINTER CHINA (11 citys)
    2013.3 MegaPort Festival, TW
    2014.4.25 "Phantom Pop Star" release
    2014.4.4-2014.6.29 Phantom Pop Star CHINA TOUR 16citys2012.4.5 「Sun Fun Gun 阳光、欢乐、枪。」发表

    2009.9-10 "Sing For China"美国巡演16城,22场演出


    2012.4.5 「Sun Fun Gun 阳光、欢乐、枪。」发表