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  • “我们生活在北京”网站关于刺猬2012年现场的一些报道与现场视频

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    "There aren’t too many bands which capture the youth mentality so acutely here in Beijing, and it’s great to see Hedgehog’s sound is progressing alongside this fair town" 
    --- http://www.livebeijingmusic.com/lbms-best-of-2012-bandsartists-of-the-year/
    Hedgehog, The Gar, Casino Demon at Mao Livehouse
    Three is a good number – two simply isn’t enough, four is sometimes just too much – three is the perfect number. Three bands, three styles, one awesome show. Nothing got bogged down, not an ounce of fat anywhere. And the music, fan-fucking-tastic, Casino Demon gave me an old school rock and roll, The Gar left my jaw hanging, and Hedgehog got me jumping up and down like a madman. The place needed ice cubes for crying out loud, it was so friggin hot.
    --- http://www.livebeijingmusic.com/lbms-best-of-2012-performances-of-the-year/
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