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  • Pedals SET/LS-2 instruction

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    Pedals Links Map

    Pedals Links Map

    Pedals Link Map 1.Telecaster 2.RingTone 3.OCD 4.MXR phaser 5.FullTone FUZZ 6.small Distortion [output:LS-2 INPUT] 7.LS-2 [Vol B 3am / Vol A 12pm / MODE A B MIX-BYPASS] 8.TUNER [input LS-2 SEND(A)] 9.MOPHO synthesizer [output:LS-2 RETURN(A)] 16.Spacemen 3 DS [input:LS-2 SEND(B) / output:LS-2 RETURN(B)] 10.RV-5 [input LS-2 OUTPUT output:PN-2 MONO(A)] 11.PN-2 12.DD-7 13.JAMMAN LOOP STATION 14&15.AMPs LS-2 Introduction book backup.