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Instruction About The Fundrasing Reward: Free Gig

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If you choosed [Free Gigs] as reward of one of our Fundrasing Projects, please read this to get it as NB as f☺☺k: 1.email us(hedgehogband@gmail.com) at least a week before the date of the gig you wanna join 2.use "" as title, "names you want us to put on the guest list" as the content of the email. 3.we gonna reply you app-result at latest 3 days before the date of the gig, check the names who we will put on the guest list out in it 4.usually everything gonna be OK, but if "☻shit happens" like: [the total application number more than the free tickets we can support] we gonna selecte the winners according to these following principles: a.historical cumulative successful applications number: the fewer one get the ticket b.the more RMB donater got the priority c.the earlier donated one win