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Beijing Underground Band “Hedgehog” Hits the Road

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<图2> Beijing Underground Band “Hedgehog” Hits the Road Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 16:45. The hugely popular Chinese band Hedgehog (刺猬, pinyin: Cìwei) release their fourth studio album “Honeyed and Killed”. Beijing scene will host the new noisy demo on April 22nd with mixed experimental sound and emotions. The flourishing Chinese band Hedgehog has been constantly moving at a national level and abroad. Their next move will start this spring with a noisy new demo. Their first stop in the Chinese tour of the band will be the Beijing scene on April 22nd. The band has picked the Chinese capital to officially release their new album “Honeyed and Killed”. Hedgehog was founded in January 2005. They had their first concert in late 2006 and in late April 2007 they performed a concert that broke the sound barriers and created such an uproar that within a month they took a great leap as one of the most talked about underground bands in China. Very popular for their brilliant compositions and performances, this Chinese band music is totally unique. Atom (阿童木, pinyin: Ā tóng mù), percussionist and vocalist, is a tiny girl who bangs out explosive rhythms. Bassist Box (博宣, pinyin: Bóxuān) is the person in charge of keeping the band in line, punches out the tight bass lines and holds the songs together. Guitarist and vocalist ZO (子健, pinyin: Zǐ jiàn) slashes out huge waves of chords that seemed to fit perfectly within the songs yet at the same time tear them. Definitely, their song-writing skills is what makes this band more than just a great performance band and one of the most important in China “Honeyed and Killed” The album was recorded last April 2010 at the Dunhuang Audio and Video recording studio. The new music is calmer, an extension of the other albums. “Honeyed and killed” is an album where different emotions mix altogether. It has a strong “end of youth” melancholy mood, but the music is still very sweet. “Sweetness and murder, love and death” is one of the main themes of the album. Both lyrics and music itself are a little more introspective. The band is definitely moving in a more energetic rock direction. The new demo is a bold attempt and as they claim, “later we’re going to be trying even more things”.