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Fun Tour , New Record , New York

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We played all our new staffs during our currently US tour with Xiu Xiu and Kindest Lines , and some of them are in our [Still Alive] live recording CD(on sale during the tour) , glad to see people enjoy it so much , that encouge us a lot , we will back to NYC right after the tour ,work with John Grew for our new album, hopefully it will come out next spring , hope to see you again ,  god bless us ~

<图2> thank you Xiu Xiu and Kindest Lines , this tour will be our great moment in our memory forever , tons of FUN , LOVE LOVE LOVE all you guys forever , if someday you come to Beijing , we will treat you guys the best food on the planet haha :) more photos here: http://hedgehogrock.com/album/5