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Warm Waves Warm Your Heart

音乐晃 一切随风飘荡
Music sways, everything blowing in the wind

忆昔往 当爱已成迷墙
Memory knocks, When love has become a wall 

心雨浪 热情漫溢盼望
Heart flutters, with hope and overflowing passion
明日漾 愿景如梦幻想
Tomorrow comes, like a dream vision
岁月淌 白日梦散夕阳
Time lapse, daydreaming dashed at sunset

风铃响 暖风拂滤心房
Bell rings, warm wind blows into heart

抬头望 星夜月已树上
Look up, Starry sky with the waxed moon

明日狂 逆子日上戎装
Future amazing, the bad boy is on his way

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