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Sun Fun Gun」


Modern Sky | ISBN:9787798616958
「Sun Fun Gun」 is out . “ what is probably their best album to date, turning back to their original raw sounds and heavy guitar” --- Time Out Beijing ( ↓ See All)
「Sun Fun Gun」 is out . “ what is probably their best album to date, turning back to their original raw sounds and heavy guitar” --- Time Out Beijing 2012.4

we want to create a new sound feeling of Hedgehog. it combine Punk/Pychedilic/Noise with Hedgehog's unique C86 sound.

Gillian Rivers(Yeah Yeah Yeahs) played vilion on "Choose Whatever You Want All The Time"
Yan Yu Long(Chui Wan) played vilion on "The Loneliest Day"

This is the pleasure of sound by a few Chinese youth living in the beginning of 21st Century, after they have re-considered on themselves and living environment, they send out the message of fighting, self-sarcastic and self-comfort.
After the band finished recording of the gloomy “Honeyed and killed”, they have started production of the new album “Sun, fun, Gun”. This is an album after they have run out from their mental haze, it is also the first album after the joining of new bassist, Fun, which he took part in the recording. Moreover, as Hedgehog has always produced independently, it is an achievement to cooperate with foreign producers for the first time (by a young New York producer John Grew, recorded in Warm Record and Rubber Track), the young Hedgehog always like to challenge, their pleasure comes from non-stop challenges to breakthrough the past.
Hedgehog had a lot of different attempts within 2 years, this can be shown in the DEMO “destroy memories 2011” early released in 2011, this album is more unpredictable and innovative. Similar simple melodies and lyrics, similar scary independent expressions, Hedgehog has been exploring continuously in the past 6 years, they are using their own practice, to walk out a road developing Chinese independent bands, a road belongs to them.
The time of rapid change, the metropolis full of time competitions, how many inches of space are left for the real, pure & passionate youth in the new century China? Experiencing valueless values; Believing in faithless faiths, are you already on the way to the money-oriented life? Blind-eyed and clearheaded, getting married and have kids, are you going to spend your life like this?
The boundary of right and wrong is no longer clear, something should really move on, the rebellion and weirdness of youths are the motivations of all these. The young surfing artists who seem to be idle every day, disregard all personal heroism, they have nothing and will gain nothing, love, loneliness, boredom, failure, autism, pain, laughter, they do not care whether to live in the moment or future.
However, please remember: from the moment we have found ourselves, is the moment where no one could stop us, we will create a new century which you will never understand.
2012, Hedgehog’s fifth album “Sun, fun, gun”is out! Are you ready for the shooting scene?
Sun Fun Gun
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- 11 Songs
  • 01. S Heart On Fire
    燃烧的心 4:25
  • 02. S Dear Boy I Wanna Be Your Girl Friend
    亲爱的我想做你女朋友 2:30
  • 03. S Surf With Shark
    和鲨鱼一起冲浪 2:50
  • 04. Black Kiss
  • 05. Choose Whatever You Want All The Time
  • 06. The Band (EN|中文)
    乐队 6:21
  • 07. Chong Qing (EN|中文)
    重庆 5:17
  • 08. The Loneliest Day (EN|中文)
    最寂寞的一天 5:00
  • 09. S The Burning Sun In The Morning (EN|中文)
    清晨里燃烧的太阳 6:09
  • 10. Sky Song (Only Available in TaiWan Edition, 2011 previous unreleased|仅台湾版附赠,2011年未发表DEMO)
    天空之歌 7:52
  • 11. You Are So Famous
    你真有名 136·2:16

  • 11 tracks, 42'40''(2560s) in total.